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colostrum for respiratory infections

Bovine Colostrum for Respiratory Infections

BOVINE COLOSTRUM FOR RESPIRATORY INFECTIONS   In our continued effort to raise consumer awareness of colostrum, I am excited to share that on June 22nd, 130+ newspapers began publishing Dr. Michael Roizen’s new column that he co-authors with Dr. Oz. The article titled, Docs: Amazing supplement battles respiratory infections, gut problems, highlights randomized clinical studies. […]

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hug to boost immune system

Boost the Immune System During a Pandemic

The immune system is the protector of the body. It is the defense against all outside pathogens. When the immune system is compromised, we are vulnerable to viruses, bacteria and degeneration of the body’s tissues. When functioning properly it is able to ward off invaders and repair damaged cells. Fear and stress are two tremendous […]

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Firework display

Wrapping Up 2017, Welcoming 2018

Wrapping up 2017 Can you believe it’s December already!? As we turn that final corner to wind up the last of the year, I like to take stock of all the things that came to pass in the closing year; all the accomplishments that came to fruition, all the challenges faced and overcome, blessings to […]

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BodyBoost News!

Welcome to the new BodyBoost Colostrum Website! This step has been a little while in the making but it has finally come to fruition. But now, we offer a full service online store right from BodyBoost’s own website. A lot of new information is going to be added so be sure to check back often […]

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