Written by: BodyBoost   Posted : December 5, 2017

Wrapping up 2017

Can you believe it’s December already!? As we turn that final corner to wind up the last of the year, I like to take stock of all the things that came to pass in the closing year; all the accomplishments that came to fruition, all the challenges faced and overcome, blessings to be grateful for and lessons to be heeded. Winter is a great time to grow quiet and go within, to reflect and to make plans for the next cycle. It’s a great time to re-evaluate what’s working and what would be best to let go of and free your energy to put into more purposeful creations.

Welcoming 2018

Last year I participated in a New Year’s intention setting group and it really shaped and supported my dreams and ambitions from day one all the way till today. One of the practices we did together was to choose a word that held the intention of what we wanted to create that year. This is a pretty powerful exercise and I found that my perception of the word I chose deepened as the year went on and I became aware of ways it played out in my life that I hadn’t even considered.

Another New Year’s ritual I heard of through the grape vine was a couple that would write down all their monumental moments and things they were grateful for throughout the year and put them in a “cookie jar”. On New Year’s Eve they would pull out the jar and read each moment together and reminisce. This reminds me of a practice taught by Tony Robbins called stacking. The idea is to take positive experiences and build emotion around them. As Tony says, “where focus goes, energy flows”.

The Beauty of Sacred Rituals

Rituals like these help us to create positive momentum around our goals and our triumphs. When we share these practices with others it can deepen our connections and bonds, whether in our intimate relationships, our family circle or within a bigger community.  I’ll be joining my intention setting group again this year and I’m really looking forward to it. I think I may implement a “positive moment cookie jar” this year as well. Why not uh?!


Welcoming 2018


Do you have any rituals around the New Year? Do you make any resolutions, declarations, goal mapping, or intention setting? How will you be spending your New Year’s Eve? Share with us in the comments below.

Wishing you happy holidays and a year full of abundance, health, love, joy and compassion.