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healthy couples use colostrum supplements


Immunity is the balanced state of having adequate biological defenses to fight infection, disease, or other unwanted biological invasion, while having adequate tolerance to avoid allergy, and autoimmune diseases. Colostrum is a multi-functional complex of bio-active ingredients produced by mammals for mammals. It assists the body’s healing process by expelling toxins, repairing tissue damage and regulating the body’s natural processes. The benefits of colostrum are well researched and documented for healing ailments that affect both humans and pets. World class athletes use colostrum to stay at peak performance levels. Whether you are in dis-ease or looking to maintain your already vibrant health, colostrum can support your system to function at its optimal level.

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If you are battling with any disease or chronic illness, you can bet your immune system plays a part. Colostrum is a natural product that regulates immune function helping the body to heal itself without harmful side effects often caused by medications.


Colostrum supplements are consumed by many world class athletes. The IGF-1 present in colostrum increases the uptake of blood glucose and facilitates the transportation of glucose to the muscles. This can be very helpful to restore and keep energy levels up. Besides that, IGF-1 can also slow down the speed of protein breakdown which happens after a workout. Colostrum helps in speeding up the process of protein synthesis which in turn results in the increase of lean muscle mass without increasing the amount of fat. Colostrum also improves the assimilation of nutrients that helps increase energy levels as well as performance.


Colostrum for Pets has been shown in research studies to enhance the digestive system, immune function and repair of skin collagen, bone cartilage and nerve tissue. Colostrum is also very helpful for pets with allergies, bad breath, gingivitis and other gum and mouth diseases. It is good for pets at all ages of life.



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