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Bovine Colostrum for Pet Health: What You Need To Know

All mammals benefit from the healing and regenerative properties of colostrum. BodyBoost is safe for consumption for all your fur babies. Research studies have shown colostrum to enhance the digestive system, immune function, and repair of skin collagen, bone cartilage and nerve tissue in pets. Colostrum is also very helpful for pets with bad breath, gingivitis, and other gum and mouth diseases. It promotes healthy immune function, digestive health and heals issues of malabsorption and parasite invasion. It also protects against allergies, itching and greasy or dull coat.

Sprinkle BodyBoost on their food or serve it plain. Colostrum has a milky taste that pets love and will happily lap up.

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BodyBoost Colostrum for Fur Babies

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