BodyBoost Founder Shares His Personal Journey of Weight Loss

BodyBoost Founder’s Personal Journey of Weight Loss

Fitness and a healthy lifestyle have always been a priority in my life. 33 years ago my main form of exercise was running. In my prime, I finished 18 marathons before my knees said, ENOUGH! I began to substitute running for brisk walks which are much more joint-friendly. Unfortunately, they don’t keep the weight off as running did and over the years extra pounds have found their way onto my midsection. My weight loss journey has been a constant experiment of what works for my body and what is sustainable in the long term.

Now 78 years young, I walk 5 miles every day at a 15 minute per mile pace and work out at the gym for 60-75 minutes, 3 times a week. This keeps me in excellent health, but I still struggled with the extra weight.

In the past I have tried different fasting methods, lasting up to 10 days at a time, which would typically take 12-14 pounds off, but they always had a habit of sneaking back on.

In January I started a new food regimen that has taken off 20 pounds and I have been able to maintain that weight for 5 months.  This, coupled with my exercise routine of walking and weightlifting, is starting to show signs of 6pack abs hidden under what used to be a stubborn layer of excess fat. The changes in my routine have been simple and easy to implement into my active lifestyle.

weight loss journey

weight loss journey

Weight Loss Journey-Daily Food Intake

I start my morning with a protein shake (recipe below). For lunch, I have a salad with salmon or other types of seafood as my protein source, followed by an apple for my sweet tooth. For dinner, I have kombucha tea and sometimes another apple.  You could also have another serving of protein shake for dinner.

The main game changer and where discipline is needed for me is in my snacking habits. The mind can be very persuasive in telling you that a protein bar, some nuts, or a little cheese and crackers at night are good healthy snacks and that may be true, but it helps that devil that sneaks those pounds back on.  For me, there are NO SNACKS and no eating after 6 pm. Once I got used to no dinner or snacks it is not only easy, but it feels so much better. The extra weight has come off and been easy to maintain without the yoyo effect.


Protein Shake Recipe  (makes 4 servings)

This is the protein shake I drink every morning. It’s how I get my daily dose of Colostrum which helps create lean muscle and builds the immune system so sickness is a distant memory. It also helps boost energy levels and fights any existing health issues.


(35 g) Whey Protein Powder                       54 g of protein, 260 calories
(35 g) BodyBoost Colostrum                       42 g of protein, 700 calories
1 cup of frozen strawberries (or other frozen fruit)                50 calories
32 ounces of purified water


This makes about 48 ounces of shake. I drink around 12 ounces and fill 3 glass bottles with the remaining to drink for the next 3 mornings, making it about 250 calories per serving.

I use Vanilla Whey for this recipe, but with Chocolate Whey I add frozen black cherries.


For the Nay-Sayers

For those of you that are saying, “well 20 pounds is not that much, and do I really need 6 pack abs?”, try this for one day… Put a backpack with 20 pounds of weight in it in the morning and carry it around until bedtime that evening, then make the decision of how important it is.

I have spent enough time visiting family members in nursing homes where people carry around extra weight and don’t get any exercise and are mostly immobile, needing 24/7 care. This is not the way I want to spend the last years of my life. Being in the winter season of my life, it’s more important than ever for me to keep my lifestyle active and healthy. I have a saying, “WHAT YOU DON’T USE, YOU LOSE”. This goes for our muscles as well as our brain health. Staying active physically and mentally keeps us young well into later years and provides for such a high quality of life. The great thing about exercise is that over time it becomes addicting to feel good. You just have to start.

BodyBoost colostrum is the first milking after birth and is spray dried using low pressure indirect steam and carefully controlled temperatures to produce a high-quality powder while protecting the colostral proteins. Each colostrum product batch is thoroughly analyzed prior to shipment to assure its quality, efficacy and safety.

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