The Healing Crisis – Walk Through Your Discomfort

The many immune and growth factors in colostrum can bring about an incredible healing. But, by working with the body to fix problems that cause us to feel ill, colostrum must rid the body of years of damage and toxic build up. In other words, there is more to healing disease than pain control, which often only suppresses the symptom rather than correcting the health problem. Under the surface the problem still exists. These problems, compounded by years of poor diet, toxic accumulation and immune suppression won’t simply go away overnight or after one dose.

Some people who begin taking colostrum experience what is referred to as a healing crisis. As the immune and growth factors in colostrum begin to heal the various body systems, they do a massive spring-cleaning, trying to rid the body of toxins. This elimination process is not always pleasant and the healing crisis may seem unbearable at times. But knowing that it is a necessary step on the way to complete health, makes it tolerable.

Avoiding Pain

With the rise in Pharmaceutical drugs we have become a society that largely relies on popping a pill to magically cure whatever ales us. We don’t have time for illness. We quiet our bodies messages so we can keep on the drive to work, do and achieve. The problem is, this doesn’t work in the long term, and the proof is in the health or lack thereof of humanity. The body’s cries are important messages that we are out of balance. By popping a pill to ease our discomfort and continue on without any changes in lifestyle is only compacting the problem and kicking the can down the street.

In order to take control of our health we must face the truth in the present moment, even if it’s uncomfortable and frightening. We must be able to listen to what the body is telling us and take appropriate steps to create a healthy environment for our body. This includes the food we put into our body, the amount of stress we allow ourselves to take on, how we relate to our environment, how we cope with challenges, etc. We must take a good hard look at our lives and determine what is not working and what needs to change in order for our health to flourish.

Walking Through Discomfort

Physical symptoms of a healing crisis may include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, chills, fever, headaches, muscle aches, itching and coughing and can last from 2 to 7 days. Most often, though, the discomfort is gone in 48 hours. These symptoms are signs that the colostrum is trying to eliminate the toxins in body tissues, left over from years of illness, stress, pollution, cigarette smoke, chemicals from food and a sedentary lifestyle.  You may also experience emotional symptoms like heightened irritability, sadness, frustration. It’s important to help your body release these impurities with lots of water and a diet high in vegetables and fruits. Be gentle with your process and allow yourself plenty of rest. When we have lived in an unhealthy state for a long period of time, these changes can be uncomfortable and unpleasant. But if you can stick with the process, allowing the body to detox, you will find healing on the other side of the discomfort.

It is important to know that the discomfort of the detox process is a normal and temporary stage in the healing process. Do not give up hope and do not discontinue the use of colostrum should you experience a healing crisis. You may feel you want to decrease your intake of colostrum for a couple of days, but some health care professionals actually recommend increasing your dosage of colostrum during the crisis to speed the detoxification. Really, a few days of discomfort are a small price to pay for the incredible health benefits. Not only will you feel better physically, but you will also feel empowered by taking control of your health and seeing the amazing benefits of all your dedicated efforts.

Here’s to your health!

BodyBoost colostrum is the first milking after birth and is spray dried using low pressure indirect steam and carefully controlled temperatures to produce a high-quality powder while protecting the colostral proteins. Each colostrum product batch is thoroughly analyzed prior to shipment to assure its quality, efficacy and safety.