Setting Goals-Creating with Clarity

Setting Goals-Creating with Clarity

Setting Goals

With the New Year right around the corner, it’s that time again to evaluate where we’ve been and what we intend to do next. Stepping the bar up a notch and reaching for that next level. Are you ready?

Whether it’s in health & fitness, in our work & career life, or in our personal relationships & sense of connection, when we want to improve an area of our life there can often be a big gap between our desires and what it will take to realize them. Sometimes we can feel so far off from our desires that it’s difficult to understand how to ground those desires into physical reality. Here are a few ideas to consider incorporating to make sure your new year intentions come packing a punch to endure through the long haul.


  • Write it out

When setting goals writing can be a valuable tool to help us go deep into our desires and uncover our whys. It’s important to get clear on what we’re really going after and why we’re going after it. Sometimes there can be unconscious beliefs that stand in the way of us reaching our goals. Writing is an excellent tool to uncover these hidden blocks and question whether they are true for us or if we can enlist a new set of beliefs that would be more supportive of our journey.


  • Visualize it

Our thoughts are powerful tools used to create things in our physical realities, but what is even more powerful than thought alone is emotion to back it up. Since we are energetic beings, we attract things through energetic resonance. When we create our desired reality internally and charge it with the power of our emotions we will find that just the right people show up to assist us or that inspiration to move onto the next step falls in our lap with delightful serendipity. The stronger we can envision our outcome the more magical events and circumstances seem to line up to help us on our path. This is the law of attraction. You have to believe it before you see it.


  • Bring it back down

While thinking, feeling, and believing are highly important in the pursuit of fulfilling our dreams, we can’t rely on them alone. We can’t just visualize our life into getting that dream body, that new amazing job, or that partner that fits like a glove, we must also take action. There is an old zen quote that lends nicely to this stage…

Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.

This saying highlights the notion that growth is in repetitive, mundane tasks. We must show up and put in the daily grind. We have to make room in our schedule for that gym appointment 3 times a week. We have to do the research on how to expand our business to the next level. Maybe we need to hire a mentor to learn a new skill or do some healing to stop attracting the wrong relationships. Whatever your goal may be there must be a commitment to take action in the direction towards it.

Take one step towards the gods and they will take ten steps towards you. ~Joseph Campbell


  • Keep it in perspective

When we’re in pursuit of a big dream, the road can appear long and feel daunting. We may get discouraged at our lack of know-how or the immense effort it will take to reach our goal. If we can bring our focus back to the present moment, the very next step at hand, we can find relief from the overwhelming feeling of our dream being too big or too far away.

Be sure to have fun along the way. There’s nothing worse than making ourselves miserable chasing something we think will make us happy only to get there and realize we’re still unsatisfied. Life is about the journey, not the destination. Enjoy what you’re doing in the here and now and when you get to the then and there you’ll already have your happiness with you. If you get disheartened, tap into things you’re grateful for, remember your ‘why’ of what initially drove you in the direction of your dream, keep your heart open and stay receptive to new possibilities and let curiosity lead you.


Wishing you fulfillment in your creations and endless inspiration

Happy New Year

xoxo BodyBoost


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