Day: October 8, 2017

Goddess Bowl

Goddess Bowl Recipe for Quick Meals

Goddess Bowl Recipe The goddess bowl is an easy recipe you can make in bulk for quick meals throughout the week. It’s got veggies, vegetarian protein, and high-quality grain. You can mix it up by making it with different vegetables and trying different dressings or creating your own sauce concoctions. The possibilities are endless 😉 […]

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Colostrum for Athletes

How Athletes Benefit from Colostrum

How Athletes Benefit from Colostrum Colostrum supplements are consumed by many world-class athletes. The IGF-1 present in the colostrum increases the uptake of blood glucose and facilitates the transportation of glucose to the muscles. This can be very helpful to restore and keep energy levels up. Besides that, IGF-1 can also slow down the speed […]

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