How To Protect Yourself During The Flu Season

Protect Yourself During The Flu Season

Flu season is upon us, so I hear. I have read that emergency rooms have increased 6 fold with flu-related visits. Many will choose to opt for flu shots, but did you know the flu shot has a 32% chance of protecting you from the flu? If you are playing defense in the NFL and stop your opponent from catching the ball 32% of the time, your team probably lost. These are not great odds. On top of not-so-great odds, you also get a dash of formaldehyde, a sprinkling of preservatives, and a dollop of mercury! Yum uh? Why such bad odds you ask? Well, let’s hear what the CDC has to say about that… I would like to point out that they say “The flu shot protects against the 3 viruses that research suggests will be most common.” Yet there are hundreds of strains of the influenza virus. So….how is that effective? Am I missing something?? Allergies If the logic in this fails to convince you as much as it does me, don’t worry, there’s another option! Be careful though, it’s a natural option and you know how terrible Mother Nature is at doing her job, or so they will have you believe. You can instead equip your immune system to be able to ward off any virus, bacteria, fungus, or parasite. Your body is innately intelligent in protecting you against outside pathogens. The only reason people get sick is that their immune systems are compromised. This can be a result of a poor diet, chronic stress, medications, a lack of physical exercise, etc., etc.

BodyBoost Colostrum Strengthens the Immune System

Colostrum is a 100% natural supplement made by mammals for the sole purpose of building and supporting the immune system of the mammals that ingest it.  When you have a healthy immune system, you don’t need to gamble on the hunches of a bunch of people who paid a lot of money for lab coats to guess what the popular strain of the year will be. I have never had a flu shot in my life and wouldn’t you know, I’ve never gotten the flu. Crazy huh?! In fact, I can’t remember the last time I was sick. But if formaldehyde and mercury sound like a delightful cocktail to you, by all means, be my guest. While we cannot guarantee that you will not get the flu, we do guarantee that if for any reason, you do not like our product within the first 30 days, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked. So what do you have to lose? Give it a try. Let BodyBoost Colostrum be another step toward a healthier you.

BodyBoost colostrum is the first milking after birth and is spray dried using low pressure indirect steam and carefully controlled temperatures to produce a high-quality powder while protecting the colostral proteins. Each colostrum product batch is thoroughly analyzed prior to shipment to assure its quality, efficacy and safety.