Overcome Addiction

Overcome Addiction – How I Quit Smoking

How I Quit Smoking About 5 years ago one of my girlfriends quit smoking and as I congratulated her and gave the typical someday I will too spiel, she said something to me that I carry with me to this day. “One day, you’ll just be ready, and you won’t need it anymore.” At the […]

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Colostrum and Parkinsons

Research on Colostrum Use for Parkinson’s Disease

The following content is taken directly from the Research Article: Isolation and Characterization of NP-POL Nonapeptide for Possible Therapeutic Use in Parkinson’s Disease I have tried to take out a majority of the super scientific, hard to understand jargon to make this article as easy to read as possible, without changing any of the information. […]

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Summer Squash and Black Bean Casserole Baked

Summer Squash and Black Bean Casserole

This recipe was one of those where I had a few items that needed to be used up so I made up a meal on the fly around those items. I was seriously impressed at how good it came out and this one will be making it into my regular arsenal for sure. It’s basically […]

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cervical normal red copy

Simple Steps to Self-Healing

Simple Steps to Self-Healing This year I have been taking more interest in my health. Eating more fruits and vegetables, getting regular exercise, and cutting down on sugar and processed foods. The body is incredibly intelligent and self-healing, but we must give it the right conditions in order to maintain a healthy state. We must […]

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weight loss

BodyBoost Founder Shares His Personal Journey of Weight Loss

BodyBoost Founder’s Personal Journey of Weight Loss Fitness and a healthy lifestyle have always been a priority in my life. 33 years ago my main form of exercise was running. In my prime, I finished 18 marathons before my knees said, ENOUGH! I began to substitute running for brisk walks which are much more joint-friendly. […]

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Spinach and Mushroom Quiche Recipe

I experimented with a quiche recipe once before and it turned out good, except for the homemade crust. I never could get baking down. Although, knowing me I was most likely using coconut flour and coconut oil substitutes which probably take a little experimentation to get the desired outcome. This time around I opted to […]

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beat allergy - woman blowing nose

Allergies – Simple Hacks to Beat the Springtime Blues

Allergies – Simple Hacks to Beat the Springtime Blues Beat allergies now that Springtime is here! It’s my favorite time of year when everything is budding with new life, the temperatures are perfect for leaving the windows open all day and night and my toesies get to see the light of day again. I just […]

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colostrum supplements for pets

Colostrum for Pets: Fur Babies

Colostrum for Fur Babies Every once in a while my cat Mannie gets weepy eyes. I’m not sure if it’s from allergies or if he picks up something from outside. But I know that it means, his immune system is weak and it’s time to get BodyBoost into his system. It only takes a few […]

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How To Protect Yourself During The Flu Season

Protect Yourself During The Flu Season Flu season is upon us, so I hear. I have read that emergency rooms have increased 6 fold with flu-related visits. Many will choose to opt for flu shots, but did you know the flu shot has a 32% chance of protecting you from the flu? If you are […]

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Vegetable Soup

Vegetable Chicken Stock Soup Recipe

I adore a hot and hearty soup in the cold and dark days of winter. This vegetable soup is my favorite winter essential recipe. It’s so easy to make, it’s perfect for a quick on hand re-heat meal, and it’s nutritious and delicious. You can change it up and keep it fresh by making it […]

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