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Colostrum for Pets has been shown in research studies to enhance the digestive system, immune function and repair of skin collagen, bone cartilage and nerve tissue. Colostrum is also very helpful for pets with allergies, bad breath, gingivitis and other gum and mouth diseases. It is good for pets at all ages of life.


Benefits include:

  • Relief from allergies
  • Healthy immune function
  • Digestive health
  • Mouth & Gum health.
  • Heals issues of malabsorption, inflammatory issues, autoimmune conditions, foreign parasites, bad breath, and itching, greasy or dull coat.

BodyBoost is a natural product of mother nature. It’s side affects include, more energy and better health across the board.


A profound healing effect that dogs, cats and horses receive from colostrum comes from the high levels of growth factors found within. BodyBoost colostrum contains 87 growth factors, each growth factor stimulates the growth and regeneration of specific bodily tissues such as connective tissue, gut lining, lining of the gums, nerves and muscle tissue among many others. The growth factors, along with 97 immune factors makes it the best food for defense against disease and for promoting healthy aging in our pets and ourselves. Whether your pet is ailing from a broken bone, arthritis or malabsorption, Colostrum can help repair the damaged tissue and restore optimal function.

A common problem that affects pets is allergies. This is when the immune system overreacts to a substance (or allergen) that is not normally considered a danger. This causes a release of histamine, which manifests in itching, scratching and breathing difficulties. BodyBoost Colostrum can substantially help relieve this response due to an ingredient called praline-rich polypeptide (PRP). PRP is highly anti-inflammatory, which helps to reduce the effects of the histamine that’s been released.

Studies show PRP has the same ability to regulate activity of the immune system as do hormones produced by the thymus gland. It can stimulate an under active system into dealing with disease causing organisms and it can also suppress an over active system that results from autoimmune disorders and allergic reactions.

Just sprinkle BodyBoost on their food or mix with water. Colostrum has a milky taste that pets enjoy and most pets will happily lap up.


Before the development of antibiotics, colostrum was the main source of immunoglobulins used to fight infections. In fact, when Albert Sabin made his first oral vaccine against polio, the immunoglobulin he used came from bovine colostrum. As we age our immune system depletes, BodyBoost Colostrum contains antibodies to help build it to its maximum effectiveness.

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BodyBoost Whole Colostrum has nothing added and our Instantized and capsule products have ¼ of a percent lecithin and ¼ of a percent MCT Oil added to enhance the free flow and quickly dissolves in liquids. Our factory has the highest quality assurance systems in the industry. Our product is produced using low heat to remove water while maintaining nutritional integrity.

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Over 10,000 studies have been done on Colostrum, please find the links to studies quoted in A Physician’s Reference Guide by Andrew M Keech, PhD on our resources page.

BodyBoostColostrum comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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