“One of my office staff started taking this product and daily sung its praises (a little off key but effective). I have now taken Body Boost for about 6 weeks. I have also started drinking more water, exercising a bit more and have been eating more fruits and vegetables. I must say there is more spring in my step and I am now not mentally fatigued at the end of each day. Noticeably the nagging in my ears has also disappeared. Is this health change totally attributable to BodyBoost Colustrum? I don’t know. However, positive health changes have occurred. I have ordered enough BodyBoost Colustrum for another 3 months — I’ll let you know. In the near future, perhaps I too will be happily singing off key!”


BodyBoost colostrum is the first milking after birth and is spray dried using low pressure indirect steam and carefully controlled temperatures to produce a high-quality powder while protecting the colostral proteins. Each colostrum product batch is thoroughly analyzed prior to shipment to assure its quality, efficacy and safety.

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