Written by: BodyBoost   Posted : July 6, 2017

The use of colostrum for pets shows the same great results as it does for humans.  Research has shown to enhance the digestive system, immune function and repair of skin, collagen, bone cartilage and nerve tissue. Colostrum is also very helpful for pets with allergies, bad breath, gingivitis and other gum and mouth diseases.

Why It Works

A profound healing effect that dogs, cats and other mammals receive from colostrum comes from the high levels of growth factors found within. BodyBoost colostrum contains 87 growth factors. Each growth factor stimulates the growth and regeneration of specific bodily tissues such as connective tissue, gut lining, lining of the gums, nerves and muscle tissue among many others. The growth factors, along with 97 immune factors, make it the best food for defense against disease and for promoting healthy aging in our pets and ourselves. Whether your pet is ailing from a broken bone, arthritis or malabsorption, Colostrum can help repair the damaged tissue and restore optimal function.

First Hand Experience

Meet Mannie, the BodyBoost Gato, Colostrum KitCat

Colostrum for Pets

About 4 years ago Mannie became very sick. He was so skinny you could see his ribs. For three days he was vomiting, his coat became greasy and I feared I was about to lose him.

Then I got a brilliant idea to give him BodyBoost. By the next day he was no longer vomiting and over the next few days and weeks his coat became shiny again and he started putting on weight.

Now Mannie is 17 years old and is as healthy as ever. People can’t even believe his age because he looks and acts so young. I continue to give him BodyBoost on a weekly basis. He loves it like it’s dessert. He will follow me across the room in pursuit of his bodyBoost!

Try it with your own pet. Simply sprinkle a teaspoon on their food and let them have at it. Enjoy their delight! Comment below or on our facebook page to let us know how they respond.

Check out our video of Mannie the BodyBoost Gato, enjoying his BodyBoost.

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