John and Lynne created BodyBoost Colostrum in 1996 after hearing about colostrum from a friend. They were immediately impressed by the amazing effects colostrum had and the great deal of research that had been done on the product over its long history of use.

John has been in the health food industry since 1971, starting first with a juicing business and then a health food distribution company which he sold in 1991. Lynne had a vegetarian restaurant from 1985 to 1991. Together in 1992 they built Inner Harmony Yoga Retreat Center in the beautiful mountains of southern Utah which they ran until 2005.

Health and fitness continue to be a top priority in their lives. They walk 6 miles a day and workout at the gym three days a week. They love to share their passion of healthy living and enjoy running circles around youngsters whenever they get a chance.

About the author

Hope Epert
Hope Epert
Daughter of BodyBoost founders John & Lynne Epert, I was raised around the health food industry and yoga community. I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2000 and a food healing practitioner since 2013. It is my opinion that our western medical system should be properly renamed “sick care”, and health care should be redefined as the practice of eating clean food, getting regular exercise and engaging one’s mental and emotional muscles. Many people fail to see the connection between their lifestyle choices and their health/sickness. I believe every “dis-ease” can be reversed by natural means. Mother Nature is innately intelligent if we listen.