john_and_lynnJohn bought a fresh juice making business in 1971 that had done $65,000 and created a health food distribution company that was doing 45 million a year in sales when he sold it in 1991. Lynne raised their four children and started first a Yogurt shop in 1985 and then a Vegetarian Restaurant that was also one of two certified Kosher Restaurants in Phoenix, AZ. Both tried to retire in 1992, but started an innocent hobby of doing Yoga Retreats at their second home near Brian Head, Utah. It was a humble beginning that changed the 1,000 foot second home into 16,000 square feet that could handle 65 students and a staff of 15. In 2004, 800 students spent a week at Inner Harmony doing yoga with a variety of top notch teachers. Wanting to scale back, they sold the retreat center in 2005 and started doing retreats in Costa Rica and Mexico until 2010, when they retired again.

John & Lynne also created BodyBoost Colostrum in 1996 and started selling to Health Food Stores, Naturopathic Physicians, Chiropractors and individuals thru their web site. Starting in 2014 they listed on Amazon as well.

John & Lynne live a healthy life style in Henderson, NV walking 6 miles a day and working out at the gym three days a week.

In 1996, Lynne and John were presented with a book commemorating the experience of the Retreat by the Attendees. Their attention, care and commitment to helping others is captured thoughtfully in the forward of the book.

A Place Called Inner Harmony
From Inner Harmony Yoga Retreat, 1996. Presented to Lynne and John by the Attendees of the retreat.